Girl Talk is a powerful movement created by Zakeya Foster.
As a woman I believe we have so much that we can learn from each other. Women deal with so much as it relates to womanhood. It is my belief that we can work together and create a sisterhood. So often our mindsets are to compete against each other. Our sisterhood mentality needs work.   

Today, some of us are the driving forces within our society. We are leaders and role models who now hold the positions that many men do. Our role reversals have come with great responsibilities and as women we are no longer just staying home to care for our families.


“Girl Talk” is a way of uniting women worldwide to help, uplift, assist, support, and elevate each other. In a world full of obstacles, hindrances and problems we believe if we can truly support each other with no malice, hatred and jealousy in our hearts, this can be a powerful movement. As women, we understand each other’s trials and tribulations and we should have our own community filled with resources and opportunities for us to relax, release, and learn from one another. By NO MEANS is this movement set to cut those that matter the most from our lives, it is simply to empow-HER and make us better women.


This empow-HER-ING’ platform is open to women of every creed, race and religion. We want to abolish thoughts of women not being able to work together and grow. We are a unit and we work harder and stronger when we work together.

Girl Talk Global Photo Gallery

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Some women are top executives, CEO’s and strong leaders within their communities which can become interference in their day to day lives. We are, uniquely, qualified to support each other because we share some of the same experiences.  WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!