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Zakeya Foster is a former Administrative Assistant at Miami-Dade County Schools. In this role, Zakeya was responsible for providing and supervising secretarial, administrative and financial support services necessary for the operation of the school. Her passion for youth gave her a sense of fulfillment in this role. Therefore, Zakeya believed it was extremely important to exercise considerable independent initiative and judgment as it relates to the resolution of matters pertaining to the daily operational or administrative affairs of the school. 

Zakeya is skilled in academic writing and presentation skills, critical thinking and analytical skills, abstract reasoning, communication and interpersonal skills, leadership and teamwork skills, organization/time management skills, goal setting and prioritizing and knowledge of and experience with basic techniques of statistical analysis. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix.

Ms. Foster is no stranger to serving others, having spent years as an Ordained Pastor where she was a source of counseling for troubled teens and young adults looking for answers. In this role, Zakeya served as a counselor and adviser, as well as merely offering a listening ear at times. Life took an unexpected shift, it became necessary to follow an unforeseen path that led to many significant challenges resulting to great accomplishments. In 2012, Zakeya was diagnosed with severe depression.  With her faith in God and will to survive, she defeats this battle and continues to educate others of her journey with Mental Health.

Believing that people were drawn to her because of her sincere nature, Zakeya knew that she wanted to do more for and with her community. She created Girl Talk Global, a community of women dedicated to supporting each other through personal growth and development as well as professionally. Girl Talk Global offers support to all women through expressions of life, love, and freedom. Girl Talk Global, The Prom Experience, Bags for Bruises and Links of Love all derived from the creative mind of Zakeya Foster. To date, Zakeya finds her strength and inspiration by helping others reach their goals. After successfully building her brand as well as reaching and inspiring her online community, she is a motivational speaker as well as a certified life coach. Zakeya now coaches/teaches/advises how to achieve the same success. Ms. Foster is also an author. Her book Just Let Me Live was published in 2017 and has since helped dozens of people to face life challenges head-on and push past any obstacles that will hinder them to live to their fullest potential. 


Zakeya married her high school sweetheart in 1995, became a Military wife and moved to Ft. Polk, La.  Although there were many great times during this marriage; this road also came with many challenges.  After nearly 20 years of marriage, the relationship was severed. Zakeya’s most cherished accomplishment is raising her one and only daughter, Nia-Simone Harris and bonus son Treyvon.  Ms. Foster has faced many challenges in her life, and they have built an inner strength in her that cannot easily be broken. She has the confidence to know what she deserves in life and has no problem fighting for what she wants. Karaoke and Basketball are two of Ms. Foster’s favorite pass times. To contact Zakeya, please email contact or go to


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