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#RealDivasSupportEachOther Network

Zakeya Foster develps and creates healty relationships amongst women. Her goal is to create a platform where women are no longer against each other, but supports one another.

In the late 1960’s there was a women’s liberation movement.  The Women’s Liberation Movement is the social struggle which aims to eliminate forms of oppression based on gender and to gain for women equal economic and social status and rights to determine their own lives as are enjoyed by men.  By the late nineteenth century, a number of women were working in the professions and playing an active role in social life. Being a woman comes with great responsibility as these same women that have taken on such active roles in society, are still responsible for maintaining family responsibilities.  This within itself can become a struggle. 


Real Diva’s Support Each Other is a way of bringing women from all over to help, uplift, assist, support, and elevate each other.  In a world full of obstacles, hindrances and problems I believe if we can truly support each other with no malice, hatred and jealousy in our hearts it can be a powerful movement.  As women we understand each other’s struggle on a level that a man cannot understand.  This movement by no means is to undercut the men in our lives.  However, it is simply to make us better as women.


I used the word Diva, rather than women because Divas are successful on another level. Not just in being effective professionally. Divas are victorious in fighting battles, overcoming obstacles, loving genuinely, and standing for excellence; in a world that provokes competition and rivalry.  And for that Divas shine brighter and should be celebrated.   

Zakeya Foster

Life Coach & Author 

Women's Empowerment

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