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That One Night Is Ruining My Life!

Dear Black Diamond

I'm from a small island. I have 2 children. I'm a 31 yr old woman that has been married for 6 years trying to get my citizenship finalized. Although I'm happy in my marriage, I am not fully satisfied sexually. I just made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I slept with my father-in-law one night after a party at his house, where I had too much to drink.

While husband was passed out in his father's living room, he and I did the deed in his bedroom. I didn't realize what I did until four days later when he came to our house while my husband was at work. He showed me a video of the night that we were together! I could have died from shame. He confessed feelings he has for me and how awesome the sex was. He even said I was so wet and loud. The worst part is that he refuses to let it die. He insists that I continue to have sex with him or he will show the video to my husband and put it out over the internet. I have been having sex with him for the past four months and although I want it to stop, I'm also enjoying it. I'm feeling sexual things that I've never felt before. I know that he will go through with the threat because he has nothing to lose.

In the past my husband and his father rarely spoke to one another. He's been in and out of rehabs for years, when he's not in and out of prison. My husband says that his father has been trying to get build a closer bond between them now that he's much older. I've noticed ever since I've been around they've gotten closer. The party was rare and also a way to bond and get closer to me too.

What can I do to fix this because it looks as if I'm in a no win situation?

Sincerely, I'm his fathers keeper

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