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Other Days Suck

Some days I'm strong. Other days I'm weak. Some days I feel like I can rule the world. Other days I feel I can't rule myself. People tell me I inspire them and don't even know it. Where exactly is that inspiration when I'm tired and ready to quit. Some days I feel like with God, I can move mountains. Other days I just want to crawl up under that mountain and never move again. Some days I feel like I GOT THIS! Other days I feel I ain't got shit but pain and confusion. Some days I'm so proud of my accomplishments. Other days I feel like, what accomplishments? All I see is failure. Some days I want to be honest and other days I'm afraid to be judged. One thing remains the same.... I just want to be free! Free from the confusion and pain. Free from the heartaches and shame. Free from the fight. Free from the mental disease that plaques my life! Some days it feels like I'm dying to be free, dying to be me, dying to be Zee. Other days it just feels like I'm dying. I just want to live ya'll. I just want to live, love and laugh. Can I just be free?

Those "OTHER DAYS" suck!  


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