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The Sweetest Taboo

Is there a perfect formula by which an individual is free to express their sexuality? An elixir that can be consumed to remove the inhibitions one feels when desiring to reach a state marked by an emotional and metaphysical closeness? You know, flirting with your eyes; subtle head gestures; a conversation which leads to an arousal concealed by layers of clothing; a rapidly growing imprint confined within a pair of boxers or moisture slowly building and dripping like hot candle wax contained within a set of “Pink” panties. Is there an appropriate time, place, setting or person? Should we succumb to the pressures placed on us by society; labels meant to demean for promiscuity? Are we regulated and content with intimacy with our “soul mates”, boxed in like letters in a crossword puzzle to one mate or can guaranteed satisfaction be attained by pleasuring oneself? “Bedroom Manners” was the title, but being uninhibited was the mantra. And in an estrogen filled venue with women eager to share their thoughts, an unspoken freedom was demonstrated and released by those in attendance.

The radiated warmth of a flickering May Reign candle and a rose pedaled walkway to the serenity of a bedroom shouldn’t always symbolize the perfect environment where coitus should be performed. The piercing sunlight threw venetian blinds highlighting the shrouded silhouette of a brown skinned god or goddess enhances the already flowing adrenaline coursing through the participants’ veins. Leather seats recline in front passenger seats of automobiles; backs arch when properly sensationalized with the insertion or caress of the proper instrument; legs gradually widen, the heart palpitates, the volume of moans and shrieks progressively increase with every bodily movement until ecstasy's reached. The Girl Talk discussion created these visuals which remain deeply entrenched in the mind for the imagination to explore as each welder of the microphone discussed their greatest sexual inclinations and exploits.

Sexuality is a word that curves against the fringes of some people’s minds. Individuals’ possess a desire to allocate pieces, if not all of themselves in the most profound acts that one human being can share with another. We fear the discussion, the opportunity to discover the far reaches of ourselves for fear of societal indifference. In years past, a dialogue about oral or anal sex would be met with resistance. The listener would immediately take a defensive posture or demonstrate a disposition that they would never participate in such a heinous activity. As we continue to evolve, people are more willing to become attuned with themselves sexually. Those acts are no longer seen as abominable and are now a part of a process that two (or maybe more) consenting adults share. For some, sexuality shapes and molds them; for many others it causes controversy. Celebrating purity through rings for our youth is a simple reminder of how our bodies are built to be temples; but in this day and age, we talk proudly about what goes on behind closed doors. Human sexuality refers to people’s interest in and attraction to others, as well as their capacity to have erotic experiences and responses. This may be experienced and expressed in a variety of ways, including thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles, and relationships. Suggestive dancing or a gentle, succulent kiss on the lips in the form of a greeting assists in manifesting these physical and psychological yearnings. Bonds expressed through profound feelings or physical manifestations are the conduit sought to attain orgasmic gratification. There’s beauty found in the symmetry of balancing the emotions which control our flesh; the pheromones that we unknowingly secrete that triggers sexual interest and excitement and the ability to channel those passions to satiate our curiosity and fulfill our own selfish needs. And when the exercises of the “Bedroom Olympics” are complete; when the rhythmic conjoining ends and the breathing becomes sustainable; the hope isn’t to fade off into the remote recesses of your mind and feel empty as Jill Scott did in the song “Epiphany”. One! (b)

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